Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Did I Wish for a Kish?

When I allowed myself to get
very interested in dolls, again,
I was enchanted by the work
of Helen Kish.

A little magazine shopping
showed me that "Kishies"
would be out of my line
for awhile.

Now, I could hardly believe
what I found in a local thrift
store for one dollar, lately.

American Girl (read "Mattel")
had a line called
"Girls of Many Lands,"
designed by Kish.
This one is Chou Spring Pearl,
and was wearing a
Barbie looking dress.
Isn't this fun?!  :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Making Lemonade

You know the expression:
When life hands you lemons
make lemonade.

Well, I made my own lemon,
this time.

This little Monster High doll
was a thrift store find.
I wanted to try making tiny
clothes, so I bought her.

Someone had drawn on her
head and got a dot of blue
on her nose.

I used some "magic eraser"
to get most of her "hat"
off and started on her
"nose ring."

I found I had scrubbed
some of her eye off, too.

I needed to photograph
her in some clothes
I wanted to sell,
so I got out my "permanent"

I smeared her.

A little fixing up
and she'll do
as a model.

Oh, my!  :)