Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Could I Have Resisted?

OK, so..
yesterday, we stopped so that
one of our number could use
the restroom at Goodwill.
I had an errand at a nearby store.

When I got back
the others were still in the store,
so I made a quick run through
while they stood in line.
Sprawled across the stuffed animals
Was a large porcelain doll in a purple dress,
white tights and black patent Mary Janes

Her price tag read $2.99.
I guess I could have resisted.

When I got her home, removed her
animal hair covered dress,
her ruffled baby tights
and her shiny shoes,
I found that she's a kneeler
with flat little palms, 

so she can pray.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When a Photo Bores Me

Especially when it is a poor quality,

a boring photo

can be fun to play with!
This is Emme by Tonner.
I knit her simple dress.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Little Sandy

I found a little body with a face,
while I was straightening up a little.
I don't remember just when I sewed
up this little body and embroidered
the little face.
I was just in the right mood,
so I sat down to put some hair on
the doll.
She turned out to be one of those
fortunate redheaded girls who
can actually tan.  (Well, maybe it's
spray on, I don't know.)
So, I embroidered a one
piece suit and crocheted
a little bucket.
The bucket is made from grey
thread with a tiny (size 14)
steel hook.
Now I'm knitting something
for her to roll out on the beach.
What ever shall I do with her?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

One That Got Away

Do I regret it?
I'm not sure.
I found this Cameron Diaz
(Jakks Pacific)
at an outdoor flea market
over three years ago.
Harry was selling
her for $2, and I was intrigued.
We talked
quite a lot as I
went through his dolls.
He has a story,
as does everyone,
and I wonder how he is
This doll represents
the Natalie Cook
character from
the film,
Charlies Angels.
She has a soft vinyl
"skin" and I could feel
her "ribs" and "backbone"
under that.
If you look very closely,
even with this rather bad
you can see that she's
quite detailed...
I think that is part of
the reason I let her go.
I sold her rather cheaply,
along with several
used Jem friends
dolls that I am not
sure whether I regret,
Have you sold
given away dolls
you regret losing?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Renew This Rescue Doll or Leave Her Alone?

We met at an outdoor flea market.
I passed her by with just a glance.
After all, I did not need another doll.

Walking back by
on the way to the car,
I looked more closely at her.
I knew I would.
It was nearly inevitable.

A vinyl Madame Alexander Elise!
Was she meant to
be a bride?
Forlorn, but still lovely
 in her torn finery,
I could not leave her there,
especially at that price.
(I think it was $8.)

Now, what is to be her fate.
Not too many vinyl Elise's
have been sold on eBay, lately.
The cheapest was over $25.
She looked in much better shape
than mine.
My dolls is missing the heels on
both shoes - the glue marks are there.
There are at least two holes in the
fine tulle of her outer dress.
Will that grayed tulle ever be white, again?
Is it worth while to replace the elastic
in her petticoat?
The tag of her dress is frayed.
It is on the left back side
of her bodice on the
Is that the normal place?
How does the tag get frayed?
Her face paint looks good.
Her sleep eyes work well.
Her hair is a little matted,
but not much.

To redress or not to redress?
what do you think?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rescue Dolly

Last Fall my cousin brought
this little doll to me.
Unmarked, she was a bit
dirty, nearly nude
and her poor little head
was covered with glue residue.
Her clothing and wig were
donated by a thrift store
porcelain doll.
I like her in sepia tones.
Now, what shall I do with her?