Thursday, June 28, 2012

What Do You Think I Should Do, Now?

During an attempt to figure out something about this blog's appearance, I discovered, to my dismay, that there is a site with the same name which sells "sex dolls." 

I'm reeling, a bit.  My first impulse is to change the name of this blog.

Have you tried changing the name of your blog?  Some of you have become such friends that I can hardly believe we have not met in person.  I love being in contact with you through this blog.

What do you think?  Opinions sincerely sought!

UPDATE:  I have changed the name.  Hope it serves well. :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Limerick Bear at the Doll Show

Lynn & Phil Gatto
make beautiful
hand crafted
animals and dolls
They describe them as
Original Designs
with the
Vintage Look

My photos do not do
justice to these beauties.

My faithful little camera does not
like large indoor spaces.

Much better pictures

Giveaway Winners

I did not anticipate taking nearly 2 months to complete my first giveaway!  Life takes some curious little twists. 

Since three people came up with ideas for prizes, those three people shall be awarded said prizes.

The first to respond was Heather.  Now, Heather, some of your ideas are a bit out of my reach.  I do, however, have access to books about making dolls and doll clothes.  If you care to contact me via my Gmail, we can decide which you would like.   Failing that, I do have a lot of poor dolls waiting for attention.

Bama, you shall have my mushrooms.  :)  I will need your address so that I can send them.  I also need to know whether you would like only the "natural" ones, or the fantasy colored, as well.

Marta, I will be glad to send you something for Barbie.  Since her things are small and light, it should be easy to get it to Spain.  I will need your mailing address, as well.  I would like to know if you would like little things for your very detailed scenes.  Would you rather have Barbie clothes? :)  Thank you for keeping in touch.

Congratulations to each of you.  Your prizes will not be of great monetary value.  Your support of my little doll blog is worth a lot, to me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I may seem like the grandmotherly
type.  "Aunt Lou" may conjure
pictures of a cookie baking,
children's book reading
doll collector
who thinks of her dolls as children
and tries to see that they
have a good home
when they have to move along.
Well, this is true, somewhat.
I seldom bake cookies, now,
as I eat too many of them.
I still love children's books
and love to read to my
nieces and nephews of the
next generation.
-The first generation is
all grown up.-
I do hang on to too many dolls.
There is a dark side to my
doll gathering.
I buy porcelain dolls just
to rob them of their
...also their wigs.
I take them to a local
flea market where they
are sold for 25 cents
to help out...
...I forget what.
That is, the lucky
ones go there.

Like these

Some even have their wigs on, still.

This week I was going through
my "rejects"
and I noticed that
one very pretty one
was not very well put together
at the neck.
I had a project in mind, so
I... well... I
pulled off her head.
I was about to set the other
four aside to travel,
when I thought of another
project I would like to try.

Porcelain parts

and "three bodies in the trash."
which I had considered
using as the title for this post.
I decided it would
possibly get too much
attention from an
element I don't wish to attract,
so BEWARE! was selected
to warn away
poor little dolls whose
clothes are nice
because they may end up
in the flea market --
or worse!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

American Beauty Dolls at the Doll Show

Cissy - Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander Cissy
I forgot to get the name
of the little one.
Could she be Lissy?

Little Women
Madame Alexander
I was in love with these girls.
Of course, being the eldest
of four daughters,
I've always had a special
place in my heart for
Meg, Jo, Beth and even Amy.

Some beautiful Mattel
& friend

A lovely Kathe Kruse,
I think.

Now, Nancy, if you
see I've made mistakes
and/or want to add information
comment away!
American Beauty Dolls
is Nancy's online shop.
She also has a blog
American Beauty Dolls Blog

Monday, June 4, 2012

Doll Show Weekend

Madame Alexander Cissy

Hand made cloth doll

Reborn from a kit (?)

I'm too scattered to post more,
right now.
Some of my photos actually
"came out,"
so, I'll try to post again, soon.