Monday, October 14, 2013

Meygana Broomstix

I have wanted to play with
this sized doll for a while.
This one is a Bratz version.
They are called Bratillaz.
I am not usually very interested in Bratz.

Her shoes come off, unlike
the Bratz I've seen who have
peg legs that fit into solid shoes.
She was in a thrift store.
Her skin is not one of the colors
of the rainbow.
These, for me, are plusses.

For my dolls, I prefer a more natural
look, but this one is fun to play with
and the camera loves her cartoon
like face.

She even had her shoes.
This is not usual for a thrift store doll.
I did not realise, until I got her home and looked her up,
that she is meant to be a witch.  Almost any time I get a thrift
store doll and it turns out to have monetary value, I try to sell her.  I'm still missing my Mattel Grandma Happy Family doll, but could not justify keeping her when I saw what she would bring.  So, Meygana is up for sale.  If she does not sell, I will have fun redressing her and playing with her hair.

Let me run on, for a bit, about my attitude.  

When I was growing up we thought of witches as purely fictional.  We dressed up as witches.  I still enjoy "Bewitched" reruns.  When I learned that there were people who actually called themselves witches and made it their religion, it astonished me.  Jesus said, "I am the way."  I believe Him.
So, I no longer have cute little witches around.  I am not afraid of witchcraft.  I just feel differently about the whole thing.  Having a doll that is meant to be a witch in the house does not frighten me.  If she does not sell, I will just change her clothes and make her into who I want her to be.  After all, isn't that what dolls are all about?  So, if I have offended anyone with this post, that was not my intention, and I apologise.  I wish you well.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Well, Misfits!

Isn't this Pizzazz?

I know this is Jem/Jerrica.

I think this is Stormer.

I found them second hand.
and for some reason I bought
them.  I was never a fan.
Somehow, though,
I picked them up.

I put them on eBay.

Less than a day later they

Now, I am accustomed to getting
"watchers" in one day.
Sometimes I even get bids
the first day, though not often.

For somebody to buy my
dolls at the BIN price
the very first day they are
up is highly unusual.

...maybe I shouldn't have sold
I'm glad I did.