Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Old Book + Scissors = Paper Dolls

Well, I don't think about dolls, much,
do I?

She's either extremely long waisted
or ridiculously short -er- limbed. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dollar Dolls!

I have been at it, again.

"Uncle Si" & I enjoy hitting
those thrift stores.
Wee Three Friends Janet
by Mattel, was $1.

Fashionista Ken (Mattel)
for $1.

My Scene Hudson (I think)
Mattel $1

Madame Alexander undressed
was also $1, but the panties
were another 25 cents at a
flea market.

Of course, I had to play with some
of my pictures... :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I Have Midges

But, I bought another, anyway!

Her hands are chewed, but whole.

I thought of putting her
on another body,
She was only a dollar...
Oh, dear, I must thin out
my dolls.

She was not the only one,
I may be more discriminating
with my purchases
(I hope)
but I am still buying.

Should I feel bad?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Voted Off?

At the time I bought these
Skipper dolls, I wanted
to have an example of
each change in Skipper.
Barbie had so much variety
that I didn't even try.
Skipper had a growing up
body.  I missed that one.
Then there was this doll.
Her pensive gaze was
changed to a friendly grin.
Her body was almost the
same, but she had a little bust, now.

Now, this Skipper
reminded me of
the Takara Barbie
because of
the huge eyes
and womanly figure.
I did not care for her costume,
but she went on a really good sale.
I never did de-box her.
I had my son
and, though I loved to
look at dolls,
they had to take
a back seat, so to speak.

Over later years, 
I picked up examples of
these Skippers
that had been played with
and discarded --
well, donated, really.
There would be a plastic bag 
with several dolls in it
for a reasonable price.
There was no question
of keeping these dolls
they were well used,
in most cases.

will Skippers from the 
1980's sell in 2013?
I have started with these
two, on eBay.
We shall see.