Monday, April 22, 2013

Thrifted Doll Haul

Recent thrift store finds included
another Liv doll, who will probably
be a body donor and a Daisy Kingdom
"China" doll who is actually plastic.
You get the look without the danger
of breakage!  
Now, here are the ones whose pictures
I took.
"My Scene" doll with chewed hands,

Bo Peep with hard plastic body,
99 cents.

I love her molded hair!

Porcelain doll bought for her clothes,
$2.99.  Probably should have left her there.

Happy Family Grandma,
I was thrilled to find her, but I did
not realise how "rare" she is.
I'll have to sell her, I guess.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sylvia at Waterfront

If you are in Brunswick, Maine
on the weekend
do visit the indoor flea market.
It is called the Waterfront Flea Market
and is in Fort Andross.

Tucked away in the middle
of this fascinating place
Now Sylvia does not like
to have her picture taken,
She does not mind if I
take pictures of her dolls.
After all, 
they are for sale.

Here is some of what
I got to see, today.

~Reproduction Bru~

Bru is a name which nearly
any doll collector recognizes.
The French dolls have been
reproduced in various forms
many times.

~Patsy Joan by Effanbee~
This one is hard plastic.

~American Child by Dewees Cochran
for Effanbee~
This beauty is also hard plastic.

~Dolly Rosebud by Horseman~
(another hard plastic)

~Rosebud Brother by Horseman~

~Applause's Raggedy Ann~
What a cutie,
don't you think?

And more...
The beautiful big composition darling,
Chatty Cathy,
more babies, more compo,
more hard plastic and vinyl...

Years ago
I started talking to Sylvia just about
dolls, but (in the interest of full
disclosure) I now count her among
my real friends. :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Look Who Was in Goodwill!