Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well, It's not Great...

...but it is fun!

There was not enough contrast
in the photo, so I added
contrast & made it black & white.

I thought I could add 1 
picture per post.
That doesn't even work.
It's a puzzle.

Friday, March 30, 2012


Well, I've been thinking of doing it, but now I have an urgent reason.  If anything in my tiny Etsy shop NeedleDoodles should catch your fancy, hop on over there, use the coupon code OOPSIEDOODLE and get 20% off.  I have additionally reduced prices on some of my items.

In case you are wondering, I bid 99 cents on two dolls and won them both.  This would be fine, but one is a medium sized bisque and the other is also not small, causing the shipping prices to be a bit high.  Oh, well.
I think I'll have to do a post on my "dollar" dolls! :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old News

Once again, I am allowed a
I shall try again, soon,
as this is
old news.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Crissy Outfit

Once again, I'm not sure
why I'm allowed to add a photo, this time!

Here's my latest outfit
I have put on eBay for Crissy
by Ideal size dolls.
Modeled by Kerry,
this is another

Gene Book

Just a quick announcement:

I listed a copy of Gene Marshall Girl Star on eBay, today.  If one of my readers wants this book we can probably come up with a buy it now price, unless the complicated rules of eBay forbid it.  :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tiny Tease



What?  I get to post the next photo?

Both Sold!

Just a quick update:

It worked.

I listed both patterns with a buy it now option.

Last night I got the notice to ship the second one.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

OK, I'll See How this Works

I bought this pattern for my own use,
at Goodwill.  When I realised it
is in factory folds, I wondered if it
would sell.  It is beautiful. 
I just don't know if I will
actually make it.

With that in mind, I decided to buy this one, too.
It is pure speculation.
I don;'t have any Cabbage Patch dolls.
I bought it, just to see if I could sell it! 
It, too, is uncut. 
I put them both on eBay. 

The Crissy outfit I put up last week
has sold.  It wasn't as wildly
sought after as the pink
outfit, but it did get 3 bids.  :)

Ooops! Happy Belated!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I meant to post this yesterday,
but I plum forgot!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, Now...

I got another little Crissy
outfit done
the little
St. Patrick's Day
 in the last few minutes.
(With more than one bid.)

Just more blessings for me! :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just Playing...

... with my Prego post, today. :)

The Wig

I made myself go outside,
It is even more
beautiful out today,
than yesterday.
Not bad for $3, right?
it's a good thing there were
not a lot more kinds of Liv wigs.

I love that I can buy a
ch.. an inexpensive wig,
hack the post out of
it's plastic cap 
and have 
as much fun as if
I had spent ten times the amount.
OK, maybe more fun --
because I will not worry
much about ruining
a ch... an inexpensive

I took a lot more photos, 
but I had an itch to post, 
so I only "fixed"
this one.  (If you ever 
did darkroom work, that's 
a groaner.  Fixing bath was
the last step, as I remember it.) 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pushing Playtime

First, I apologise to Terri Gold!
This post, like many of my others,
features a doll with messy hair.
I know this is a pet peeve of yours,
Terri.  If you read on a bit, you
may understand my position
a little better.

I was in WalMart with my
Dad, when I happened upon the clearance
isle.  (It's a lie.  I went there
deliberately and with purpose.)
I found a Liv wig and this
Bratz outfit.  (Actually,
I found two Bratz outfits,
but I'm trying to keep my spending
under control.  I put one back.)

Look at that price!
Could you have resisted?
How about if you love the trench
in most of its forms?

How about if you had a girl
at home who had nothing to
wear but a hastily knitted
bathing suit and some sandals that
don't match her skin tone?

Perhaps you are stronger than I.
I caved.

Fast forward.
I'm not sure if it's been
2 weeks or 3 -- or, maybe more.
Whether it be the time of year, other
factors  in my life, or a
combination, I have been less than
productive and not much
of a joy to be around.
I've been giving up.
One, two or three times
a day, I've been retreating to
my bed. 
Today, when I went to empty the
mailbox, I found
just a lovely day, out there.

I'm not an eager outdoor
lover.  I had to force
myself to find a reason to
get outside for a few minutes.
Remembering this
purchase, and that it was still
languishing in its plastic
bag, I grabbed the doll,
the camera and the package,
threw on my coat and
walked all the way to our

I took pictures. 

I did not bother with my tripod.

I put my subjects in full sun.
(Yes, I know better.
I took the first spot I found to
set up on -- the trunk of my car.)

I did not brush the doll's hair.

I thought of Terri.
Terri makes beautiful pictures.
I enjoy looking at her pictures.
My blog entries are inspired
(or not) by a variety
of thoughts and emotions.

Today, it was not perfection,
satisfaction or even
developing my skills.

Today, I pushed myself to play.

I'm glad I did.

I think it did me good.

Please note:  This is in no way
meant to say anything negative about
Terri Gold.  Quite the contrary,
if I wasn't sure she can handle
my odd sense of humor, I would never
have made this post!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

What Would You Do?

I found a St. Patrick's type fabric that I liked,
last week.
Don't you like it?
I had decided not to do anything
to sell specifically for
St. Patrick's Day.
By the time I found this,
it was rather late for
sewing and listing.
You have to leave shipping time,
you know!
So, I started a dress for 14 inch
Betsy McCall from a
commercial pattern.

Then I started a Skipper outfit.
I may finish it for Barbie.
There was my good old
vintage dress for Crissy by Ideal.
Simple, cute, an ideal (mmphh!)
pattern!  (Actually vintage
What could go wrong?
Never ask that!
Actually, it's a good
question for a lot of
A little yellowish stain appeared
on the lining.
The lining did not line up with the
hem of the dress.
The hem of the dress did not
line up in back,

even after I thought I fixed it.

Then, when I put it on Kerry,
it looked so cute
that I decided to try

to sell it anyway!
I got very honest in my description.
I started with a low price.
We shall see.  :)

Oh, and the little Skipper outfit,
all hand knit, sold for $1.90.
Guess it wasn't as cute as I thought
it was!  :)